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Welcome to Mi’kma’ki Nation Outfitters

Here is where you will find clothing and retail products that bear a logo created to represent the pursuit towards sovereignty for the Mi’kmaw Nation.  The logo is a combination of the 8-pointed star and a circle. It is the creator’s vision of moving forward with this pursuit.

When Mi’kma’ki grew to eight districts, the 7-pointed star was adapted to an 8-pointed star to be used as a cultural symbol that represents the unity of all cultures. Over 500 years old, this symbol appears on Mi’kmaq crafts, apparel, baskets, quilts, and several other items made by our nation’s people.

The four points of the star show the four directions: North, South, East, and West. The points are doubled to signify the complexity associated with achieving unity while emphasizing balance within oneself and with mother earth.

The circle is a representation of the sun, the moon, the earth, the seasons, and all life cycles. The ‘circle’ is also an ancient technique used by the Mi’kmaq to engage in cultivating, mutual support; to discuss difficult issues while honoring the gifts, knowledge, and talents of others. The Healing Circle allows for a safe space for deep listening and respect, where all voices are honored equally.


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